Panel Bender

CNC bending machine, has high quality, high speed, and high efficiency bending function, and is generally suitable for automatic bending of box-type sheet metal parts. CNC panel bending machine adopts servo-controlled folding and pressing device, 400 kN bending force, 1000 kN pressing/hemming force. Open structure for easy side unloading.

The main motion of bending can be divided into 3 axes, which is respectively the pressing axis, the up-and-down swinging axle, and the forward/backward moving axis. Under the control of the CNC system, different motion paths can be run in any combination, thus forming different bending process combinations.

Universal bending dies, bending machine adopt it to realize positive and negative angle bending, large arc, hemming bending, and high efficiency bending of complex section workpiece. Made of die steel, the die adopts high precision processing technology to ensure the accuracy and reliability of bending, and the special manufacturing technology ensures the small wear of the die.

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