ER300 Rexroth Full Electro-servo CNC Turret Punch Press


The eliminated mechanical gap enables a high driving precision, low noise, and long service life features. Benefiting from the electric servo punching head, you can punch with an average power consumption of only 4.5 kWh.

– Latest Electro-servo transmission technology can realize punching, forming rolling fabrication

Rexroth inside, high compatibility

– Remote machine supporting

– Energy-saving average power consumption is 4.5kw/h

– Flexible manufacturing choice


1Press Capacity250KN
2Transmission TypeServo
3Frame ConstructionO-frame
4Max. Sheet sizeX-axis5000 (With one re-positioning)mm
 Y-axis1250□ 1500□mm
5Max. Sheet Thickness6.35mm
6Max. DiameterΦ88.9mm
7Max. Punching Stroke32mm
8Max. Nibbling Speed1800hpm
1 mm pitch, 6mm punch stroke750hpm
25.4mm pitch, 4mm punch stroke400hpm
9No. of Clamps3pcs
10No. of Re-positioning Cylinder2set
11Turret Stations32pcs
12No. of Controlling Axis5(X, Y, T, C, A)pcs
13Tool Distribution16A/ 12B/ 2BZ/2C /2D
14Worktable StructureBrush and ball mixed
15Max. Feeding SpeedX-axis90m/min
X, Y combined110m/min
16Turret Speed30rpm
17Rotational Tool Speed40rpm
18Punching Accuracy±0.10mm
19Max. Sheet Weight150kg
20Air Pressure0.6mpa
22Clamp Dead Area DetectionYes
23Clamp Splint Loose Alarm DeviceOption
24Plate Warping AlarmYes
25Clamp Automatically Float DownYes
26Roller Auxiliary FeedingYes
27Overall SizeLength5170□  5670□mm
Width5200□  5200□mm
Height2300□  2300□mm

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